Student Support

Orientation for new entrants
During the first week of college we have an induction program which helps you make new friends, meet staff and find your way around. Confidence building activities include group activities and team work, sport and outdoor pursuits. You will also learn about your course: the types of assignment you will be doing, types of learning activity, and how you will be assessed. Our main purpose is to make sure you are on the right course for your future. If you join after the initial induction, you need not worry as we have a specialist team who will help you settle in, make new friends and find your way around.

Student Portal
Every student and parent can login to the student portal, EduPort from anywhere and view the student's performance, attendance, results, assignments, etc and also share their queries and doubts.

Features of EduPortal:
Parents: Viewing of attendance | class test answer scripts| test marks| Interact with teachers online | Student Performance Tracker | View syllabus completed in each subject | Feedback form | Contact Help desk
Check emails sent to students' official email id |Online library | Virtual Lab |Recorded classes | Useful video links | Student- teacher interaction | View Enoticeboard | Results Check |assignments allotted to students by teacher | Check notes / journals allotted to students | Question bank | Project guidelines | Learning map | Placement cell

Study hours after college
Students spend a few years with us and it is quite a precious time in a student's life and this needs to be aptly utilized to incubate the young minds so that they turn out to be the best in the world. During their years of study, students nd time-management the most diffcult. Hence, to help them overcome this difficulty, our mentors have designed timetables for not only the regular classes but also separate ones for their home study. We ensure that not much of work is carried home by extending their hours of stay in the campus, beyond the college hours, to study in the presence of their teachers. This will help them understand the concepts better and clarify their doubts with their very own teachers. Out of 9½ hours of college every day, two short and one long breaks are given in-between the classes. Exam preparations are made during the extended study hours.
The parents can rest assure on our mentors for the results and the well being of their wards.

Careers Advisory Service
Destiny is a comprehensive personality programme to groom a student towards his/her career with few broad spectrum modules which will enable him/her to have certain skills like Employability Skills, Life Skills, Soft Skills, IT Skills and the other essential knowledge.
Our Academic Counseling team provides programs and services which are tailor made according to the students need and are designed to assist them in achieving emotional well-being necessary for success.
Our mission is to help students manage academic and personal demands more effectively. Our professional staff is always available at the campus and all counseling is confidential.