Our placement cell caters to both IT & Non-IT segments into Junior/Middle/Senior level candidatures also providing services of head hunting and "group" selections. The cell operates for not only our in-house students but for the general candidates also. Our campus interview team selects the right candidates for the clients, trains the candidates and tunes them technically and aesthetically to the satisfaction of the clients and hand them over to the Company for induction process. In the process, the Company incurs lesser costs, get the best advantageous services and are devoid of time factor. All the burdens of selection process is handled by our in-house consultants. We believe, HR is the most precious asset of any organization. And selecting the right candidate who can "by merits and attitudes" match the expectations of the employer is of utmost concern not only for our clients but for us too. We just do not go only by merits, but the right attitudinal candidate too, which most other HR consultants seldom practice. More, after preliminary selection, we impart them sufcient training if found necessary so that the candidate is fully equipped to take the chair immediately without any "ifs and buts".Being into the eld of information and academics, our motto is to provide the best to our clients at the right cost that is unmatched in the industry.

The following aspects are of utmost importance to us :
The candidate is not a commodity, but an asset to our prospective clients. We stress on value addition to the traits and other attributes of the candidates by giving adequate training even before he/she is sent for an interview. We try to impart the culture of the Clientele Co into them right at the rst instance itself. We tell them straight - this is what is expected of you and this is what is in store for you from the Company. We believe in fast induction of the incumbents. We ensure (we do not believe in insurance as it is a post damage exercise) that the candidate is full aware of his/her future with the Company. Placing the right candidate for the right job him/her having understood the basic responsibilities and authorities is what we believe in for attainment of long-term results. We care for our placed candidates as also our esteemed clients in a balanced manner even after the placement is effected to ensure that we get "Happy Notes" from both the sides. As for the candidates, the search should end here. As for our esteemed clients, the condence should be that once the responsibility is placed with us, the matter ends over there.