Learning Support

In the present days most of the students live under stress and pressure for various reasons and only effective counseling can help them recognise these problems and cope with them. Our specialised team of counselors are focused and are capable of handling such issues in an intelligent way.

College Health Service Being healthy is important for a student, the free annual Dental and Eye check up for the students from reputed hospitals is conducted regularly.

Student Service Today's students, live under stress and pressure that were not so apparent in the past. They are exposed to the erosion of values in Society, Materialism, Competitiveness and Insecurities that can leave an irreparable impact on their young minds. Proper counseling helps them to identify these problems, heal and help them to move on. Our professional counselors are at service for this purpose at any given time. Any kind of a psychological or personal problem will be addressed by them with utmost confidentiality.

  • Deal with stress and other pressures
  • Resolve fears, Panics and anxieties
  • Cope with continuing family problems
  • Work through difficult decisions
  • Break through depression and sadness.

All counseling work, is of course completely confidential

Disability Service
Our college seeks to support differently abled, students developing skills learning about recourses and gaining the confidence needed to maintain a balanced and independent life style that is essential to meeting individual career and life objectives. We have a strong facility and technology access which help in bringing about the unique strengths, talents and creativity.

Student Learning Development
Good ideas are common – what's uncommon are people who'll work hard enough to implement them. - Ashleigh Brilliant

Teachers' Academy implements
Mentors : “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” - William Arthur Ward

Teachers are the backbone of any educational institution. Apart from the necessary infrastructure we have a team of dedicated mentors who are student friendly and result oriented. We have one of the best faculty team to support the Teachers' Academy student community who are involved not only in teaching the university syllabus but also guiding them to the right direction.

Holding the attention of the entire class for long hours without letting them to get distracted or bored while teaching is the greatest challenge any teacher faces in his or her career. Our trained and experienced teachers have overcome this challenge by adopting many teaching aids along with the use of latest technology in the class rooms.

Our teachers are easily accessible at any given time and students can take their guidance for their regular studies and for project work as well.

Library on the fourth floor of the campus is equipped with a broad spectrum of book collections. Bulletin boards in the library are always filled with the latest updates on books.
These books are also available at our Digital Library and students can access these books online through our Online Library, which means our library is open to students 24x7, throughout the year.

Online library:
If the compulsory library hours is insufficient for a student then the student can access all the books of our library sitting at home online 24x7.

The college has a radiant ambience with well ventilated classrooms, glass doors with heat radiation protection and comfortable furniture in all the six oors of the campus. Classes are technically updated and integrated with interactive smart boards and DLP projectors for visual based education. All classrooms are networked with optical fiber high speed internet connections.

The college is provided with state-of-the-art computer lab for students. The college has ensured to setup sophisticated Science & Computer laboratories with latest device and equipments to instigate experimental learning among the students.

The college auditorium is used throughout the year by our students for various get together, management fests and other cultural programs.

Seminar hall
Our seminar hall with state-of-the-art equipments has been setup for students to deliver seminars as a part of their DESTINY program. The seminar hall is also used for conducting guest lectures frequently.

The college being centrally located is well connected with public transport. Students have the provision to opt for college buses for their pickup and drop from major localities of the city.

IT services for students
Teachers' Academy Institute of Information Technology offers various Computer hardware and software courses which will suit the student's need. The students have the option to choose from the different programs offered which will add value to their resume.

Optional courses
We also offer various tailor made programs which are optional apart from the regular programs like spoken English, computer languages training, soft skills training, computer hardware training, engineering & medical entrance exam training and other industry relevant programs.